Virtue & DJ Emoh Betta // everybodyischeating (Video)

The Boston Phoenix brings us the Rap Class of 2011 and links up with director Ricky ShabazzVirtue, and DJ Emoh Betta to bring you an exclusive video from Virtue and Emoh’s new album – “Following Wild”.

This video – which includes soy milk, a clown, basketball and a large-breasted horse – is for a portion of the song “everybodyischeating“. The full song can be heard on “Following Wild” and features Exquisite Corpse making it a banger courtesy of the trio known as partyboobytrap.

Watch the Video HERE via vimeo or check the article via the Boston Phoenix.
Read more about “Following Wild” here, or stream it via bandcamp here.

Any post, share or listen is appreciated, enjoy.