DJ Benny


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Benny is the first to say that he’s not on “the Angie Martinez tip.” Although many may
know him from being a DJ on WERS’s “88.9@Night” program, Benny also has been producing, MC’ing, and DJ’ing on the side for years. Most of the time he has shared his tracks in small private circles — until now.

Having been friends and classmates with much of the Fameless Fam for years, and having some of the same “who’s heard of that” kind of albums that Virtue had in his possession made Benny excused from the “radiocean” track – so don’t freak out. You’re dealing with a hip-hop head to the fullest. Influenced by hard drums, and samples or tones with great amounts of sonic and cinematic textures, he hopes to turn this palette into, hopefully, the dopest material you’ve heard in awhile. 90’s boom-bap meeting a mentality of self-branding, recommended for the purists and strangest alike.

Fameless Fam is excited to announce DJ Benny’s official debut: “The Sudden Personality Overload Collection, Volume 1.”  After a long debate on the title, Benny decided that ultimately the tracks are a collection of his own thoughts and experiences put together from an exaggerated portion of his personality. This idea is sometimes either misused or overused in hip-hop, but Benny tries to keep the balance by keeping in-your-face production along with unique wordplay and the “personality overload” trademark only he can bring.