Andrew Milicia



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Andrew Milicia aka Andrew Mo (or just Mo), grew up less than 5 miles outside of Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania. He started filling rhyme books when he moved to West Philly and met C.R.E.W. records, who were quick to cut him down constructively in order to build him up.

Mo took up guitar at age 12, and the bass guitar shortly after – though it was the boom bap of Nas and The Roots that really snagged his ear, and pulled him into hip-hop. Before bed each night, him and his brother would bump “Triumph” by Wu-Tang…, nice lullaby, eh? However, his tastes weren’t restricted to the rappers he admired, he also sought musical refuge in artists like The Beatles, Elliott Smith, and Morrissey, adding a song writers perspective to an MC’s eye.

When Andrew Milicia landed in Boston, he hit a Louis Logic show in Allston without knowing the local scene. The show happened to be a Fameless Fam x Ricky Shabazz show held at the headquarters of Mr. Shabazz (who was between prison stints). When DJ Emoh Betta span a set of instrumentals, and no MC’s stepped up, Milicia took the mic and spat for a room full of strangers – strangers which he quickly made fans. From there, he was embraced by the Boston elite, and instantly put onto shows, guest spots, and beats.

“Whether or not people like it, want to buy it, or radios want to play it… that’s not what its about, its about loving music and that’s why I do it.”