EJ3 Robot


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EJ3 robot is a musical aficionado of sorts, who uses keyboards, guitars, samples and looping devices to produce unique blends of funk, trip hop, jazz, blues, trance and jam rock, while also invading and meshing other genres of electronic music . In a live setting, EJ3 captivates audiences with his improvisational method of creating inventive grooves and building exploratory jams from scratch.  He has been playing drums, guitar, bass, piano, and writing music for over 15 years to contribute to what he states is one of the “reasons for being alive”. This being so that humans can connect with each other. “I want to be a robot (something that is disconnected from humanity ) … an isolated figure, so that I can attentively observe all of the human connections from the outside through my music, and see them with all of their beauty.” Download EJ3 Robot’s LIVE ALBUM here.

Gear: Yamaha S90, Korg Triton LE, Gibson ES-335, Gibson Les Paul, Ableton Live 8, Akai APC-40, Roland KC-550Boss RC-50 Loop StationMac Book Pro